Shakil Kazemi: Last 4 Days on Albert Square

Since late April, beginning of May, John Yorke and company have hinted at a huge EastEnders storyline involving a stabbing death. The show is working with Brooke Kinsella, MBE, a former actress on the show. Kinsella’s brother, Ben Kinsella, was stabbed to death in June 2008. The soap’s goal is …

Shetland: BritBox Watchlist Favorite

Enjoying an evening with Chardonnay, coding, and Shetland. #100DaysofCode

I’ve enjoyed the other seasons of the show, so, of course, I was excited to hear Season 4 was streaming on BritBox. I watched all six episodes while coding a sample webpage. Some people listen to music while they code. I prefer to watch/listen to BritMystery/Crime television shows. Shetland became my favorite because I’ve traveled to Scotland a few times and love the country. I love seeing the beautiful countryside again as Perez tries to solve the crime.

The show also reminds me of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. She said it best:

One does see so much evil in a small village… Miss Jane Marple

So, murder and crime on the Shetland Islands seem appropriate.

Time for a New Queen Vic Landlady (EastEnders)

After watching the #QueenVic scene tonight, I think we need new landlords! #KatMoon should take #LindaCarter ‘s foul attitude as a challenge! Who should be the new 2018-2019 landlords of the Vic? (If “Other” explain in tweets.) #EastEnders — BovaryCee ♋️🌻🙋🏾 (@BovarysComplnt) April 6, 2018 I might be one of …

#100DaysOfCode : Cheatsheets!

I love Web Coding Cheatsheets! However, I always lose track of where I’ve bookmarked them. So, when I found these two with embed codes, I decided to share them in a post. Of course, now I’ll know where to find them. The first one is an HTML5 Tags Cheatsheet. HTML5 …

Photo: Linda Carter: A Queen Vic Welcome

Linda Carter on the show EastEnders frowning into the camera at the Queen Vic.

ReBlog: 6 Perfect Spring Cocktails! ft. Diva Named Dom

You know how licking the batter when you’re baking means you can get salmonella? Licking the batter while making cocktails means you just get drunk. Someone drunk trying to get measurements right? We can all see how that didn’t work. Mia’s Mojitos were just big nos. via 6 Perfect Spring …