Eastenders: Denise Has Lost Her Mind!

My mind almost exploded watching Denise breaking up with Kush today. And here I thought watching her pick through the bins was bad enough.

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Holby City: Best of My Love, Part 1

Heart-shaped keychain with UK Union Jack with words Hip AnglophileCan we talk about the music choice on Holby City? I was watching S18 Ep35 (weekend BritShow binge) when the Holby gang did a line dance “Best of My Love” by The Emotions. I had to step away from my “teacher work” to enjoy the moment. The Brits have always had an appreciation for R&B. Made my Sunday afternoon.

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Reblog: Star Signs as TV Shows

I knew there was a reason I liked Eastenders after the first episode I watched on PBS/WLIW. Star Sign ?? Cancer

Eastenders Real Life: Exploring My Toxic Female Friendships

This isn’t a spoiler-alert or fan-fiction. It’s just my opinions and reflections about current issues and characters in Walford, East London. She’s been my best friend ever since we were kids…she can be my worst enemy. -Sharon Mitchell, Eastenders When I heard Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) say those words about Michelle …

Eastenders: Michelle Fowler’s Midlife Crisis

Michelle isn’t a victim! She’s a manipulator and an opportunist. T.Lanette

Many women have been through affairs and/or divorce. Hell, I’ve been through two (still paying the debt from the last one). That doesn’t mean you become a pedophile and sleep with a 17-year-old. Continue reading