Let Down by the Navbar: Day 31 #100DaysOfCode

The “divs.” were my friend today! That is until my collapsible navbar with my Font Awesome social icons decide to stop working.

Code Day 30-ish: #100DaysofCode

I have been learning how to code for the past year and a half.  My goal is to become a web page designer after I retire from teaching. I have enjoyed my journey so far. However, there have been a few challenges along the way.  I’ve lost track of my coding days because …

Coding Tantrum: W3.CSS Card Images

When I’m trying to get the image to fit like a thumbnail on a w3-card and it’s not working!!! I know it’s something simple (staring me in the face), but at this point I need it to “slap me.” The #JoyandThePainofCoding

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Coding Day 30: #100DaysOfCode 

I am still amazed how quickly time passes when I am coding. Although, I really shouldn’t be; time passes when you are enjoying the activity. Last Friday morning, I started on my coding project, and the next time I looked at the clock, it was after 3 pm. I have …

Friday Night Studying: HTML and CSS