Web Developer Late in Life: Infographic Share

I am glad I found this infographic. It was the information I needed to help me prepare for my career after teaching. Continue reading

Black Woman’s Wish…

Black Woman’s Wish: For once I would just like to do my job effectively without having to fight to keep it every few years.”


It’s getting tiring. Everyone deserves some amount of peace at their job. 

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Why did I watch Casualty…

Why did I watch Casualty while trying to do my JavaScript tutorials? I knew this was the episode about Kyle’s funeral. So I was well aware this wasn’t the background noise I needed while coding JavaScript. Yet, I started the episode anyway. It’s hard enough to think about nesting arrays …

Coding: Getting the Z-Index 

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When you finally understand z-indexContinue reading


Truth…I keep thinking about Albert Einstein’s words, especially now in Trump’s America. Continue reading

Complainers Addiction

Some people are too invested in complaining. Continue reading