EastEnders: My Escape

EastEnders: Taylors of Albert Square 

…I found [the Taylors] entertaining. They were actually a breath of new air. @BovarysComplnt The Taylors arrived on EastEnders (EE) last month, and as promised, they’ve raised hell (and many eyes) in Albert Square. The above quote was my first response after their premiere. When I say “new air” I …

Eastenders: Phil’s Home

Phil is back in Walford, and he is ready to fight for his son.

I kept seeing these Eastenders stories from Soap Factory on my Twitter feed, so I had to create one of my own: Eastenders–Phil’s Home.Continue reading

EastEnders’ Whitney rages at Mick for abandoning the Carter family

EastEnders’ Whitney rages at Mick for abandoning the Carter family: I’m definitely tired of Mick’s moaning and self-pity. I was happy to have a reprieve from his sorrow (thanks to Woody Woodward (Lee Ryan). Now that he’s back, the flood of tears has begun. Someone needed to rip Mick a …

Eastenders: Denise Has Lost Her Mind!

My mind almost exploded watching Denise breaking up with Kush today. And here I thought watching her pick through the bins was bad enough.

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Reblog: Star Signs as TV Shows

I knew there was a reason I liked Eastenders after the first episode I watched on PBS/WLIW. Star Sign ?? Cancer