John Yorke Era, Part 2: Just a Few Questions (EastEnders)

When it was announced that John Yorke would take over as Acting-Executive Producer for the departing Sean O’Connor (SOC), some EastEnders fans expressed their joy on Twitter. There was talk of Yorke coming in and “cleaning house” as a way of going back to the EE of old. There was …

Emmerdale: Fireworks 

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…While You Were Pretending to Be Dead (EastEnders) 

BovaryCee: Ian reminding Kathy that life continued while she pretended to be dead was hilarious. Continue reading

Mick’s Man-Tantrum: He Knows Linda’s Secret (EastEnders)

Linda finally told Mick her secret on Tuesday night: that she had treatment for cervical cancer. Tonight, we got to see the fallout, and it wasn’t pretty. In fact, Mick’s emotional meltdown was worse than his crying on the roof of the Vic. However, I’m glad he had that man-tantrum. …

Denise and Kush (EastEnders)

The last month on EastEnders has been awesome! SOC’s storylines came together answering questions I’ve had since Christmas. And now that James Wilmott-Brown has come back to Albert Square, I’m hopeful the next few months will be just as exciting. However, I had to address these tweets and take a moment …

ReBlog: Emmerdale Super Soap Week

This past week…Brilliant acting by everyone. I can’t wait to see the fallout in the coming weeks.