ReBlog: Staying Healthy while You Travel

The time has finally arrived. You are days away from a fabulous vacation. Your bags are packed. You have your passport and tickets in a safe place. You even have the right size of toiletries to make it through security. The one thing you are not thinking of is illness during …

Missing the beauty of Canne right now…

I took this during my first trip to France. It was love at first sight (I swore I was in love with the U.K.). So beautiful, so peaceful, so serene…I miss it. 

Every Single Black Woman Deserves to Live Her Best Life

I can already imagine the comments and statements after people read my title. In fact, let me just take a moment to make myself clear: This is the life that I currently lead. This is the life that I have led for most of my adulthood. Being a single Black woman …

Travel Throw Back (TB): Roman Baths, Bath England

I could just imagine the fun the “Wife of Bath” had during her pilgrimage.

I remember reading Chaucer’s Tales when I was an English Major at Douglass College. I had always loved British television (thanks daddy). Traveling to Great Britain had been a dream since I was 18 years old. The MTV British Invasion during the 80s, when I was in high school, was my inspirational soundtrack. This picture was taken during my first visit in 2004 during the first of my three visits. I love the peace and serenity of the green water. 

roman baths in Bath, England
Green waters of the Roman Baths, 2004


actress dresed as frozen roman statue
Performer in front of the Baths, 2004


Louvre: Crosses within La Pyramide Inversée

One of my favorite pictures is from the  Musee du Louvre. I took it when I toured France during the summer of 2013. It is a side view of the La Pyramide Inversée in the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall underneath the museum. As I stood there embracing the sunlight, I was mesmerized by …

France: The Beauty & Peace of Empty Side Streets

Capturing the beauty and peace of empty streets far away from home… For the last six years, my travel lust has been for Europe, specifically the United Kingdom (UK) and France. I toured the UK, at least, three times before deciding that I had to visit France.  I wanted to …