Another Day in Drumpfville…

Just another day in “Drumpfville.” Picture is from the rally Trump rally in Denver, Colorado. You can just see the hatred on her face. I feel sad for her. Hatred kills from the inside. 

And again they did nothing…

First Day of Summer:


First day of summer, yet I am dragging as if it were the first day of winter. I really need to reevaluate my time management skills. 

Canada: America Has Lost Its Mind

newspaper article about a letter from Canada to U.S.
Published March 26, 2016, Neil Crowe, News Durham

It’s Ok…

SuperWoman at rest; picture of purple sword flower with quote.

Einstein, the Universe, and Human Stupidity

Well, I guess this explains the U.S media and Trump followers. I needed some logic to understand the madness.