(Tweet) Worrying about the Past

Why do we worry about the past when we can’t even remember the weather last week? https://t.co/k3Z8Hk85Lp #health #wellness

— Changing Wellness (@SayWellness18) December 27, 2015


I was just thinking about this today as I wrote in my journal. This tweet made holding onto the past seem so senseless. Senseless because we barely remember what happened the week before. It was very appropriate, especially for single people like me during the holidays

That is the time when old pain and bad decisions creep into our minds. At least, it did for me. As I watched all of the photos of families enjoying Christmas, I started to focus on what I did not have. Maybe we need to put that pain in perspective. Maybe we need to focus on how that pain has shaped where we are today.


Do you think we focus too much energy thinking about our past instead of cherishing the moments of today? 


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