Brokenwood Mysteries: Country Music and Crime

Tweet to Acorn TV about enjoying Brokenwood Mysteries
Tweet to Acorn TV about one of my many favorite shows, Brokenwood Mysteries

Before you ask, this is not a television show review. This is me sipping wine and sharing my enjoyment of television show from New Zealand. I no longer have cable and stream my television shows through my ROKU (it has been a year). I watch more television and pay less for the privilege. That is awesome!  T.L.Pollard

Dad turned me on to British television with Benny Hill. My childhood was spent watching The Saint, The Avengers (now streaming on Hulu), and Masterpiece Theater (well before Downton Abbey). I even remember watching I, Claudius with Derek Jacobi. I am an Anglophile. I keep my dad’s tradition (well now my tradition) alive by streaming Acorn TV and Hulu on my Roku. (I cut the cable cord last year.) In fact, I watch more shows now than I did when I had cable.

Brokenwood Mysteries takes place in New Zealand. However, this show has all of the elements of the British shows I have watched over the years. Its plot and characters are believable with human faults. But the best part? They have an awesome band that keeps me humming country music. I never thought that would happen, ever.

The musical director of the show should get a raise and then some. This person picks the right music for each scene. It is seamless. Again, this is just me watching as I am sipping wine and relaxing (teacher winter break in effect).It is a wonderful show if you like mysteries. 

I am also sharing to help anyone who is considering cutting the cable cord. It was a the best decision I could make considering that the cable company in my area was kind of a monopoly. That means the price for my one DVR was more than my neighbors who had multiple DVRs (still can’t wrap my head around that one). 

So, if Acorn TV is a part of your household, then Brokenwood Mysteries should be on your Watchlist. If you have not entered the “cable free world,” then this gives you an idea of what you might be able to watch. Don’t make the decision based on this post. I researched for awhile before I cut the cord. I just want you to know that cutting the cord does not mean that you will be in television hell. It is amazing how technology can bring you shows from countries you may have never thought about visiting.

Check it out if you love mysteries and want a different perspective of country music

It still blows my mind that I am watching a show from New Zealand when we could barely get shows from the UK. Even more awesome… Acorn TV retweeted my comment. Even more beyond awesome…During one of the early shows, I commented on one of the actor’s posts and he answered. Mind blown. T.L. Pollard




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