My 5th Loc Journey: Settling on a Method

On my mind this week: restarting my locs for the fifth time.

Growing Locs was my go-to site after my last “big chop.” Every time I cut my hair into a “teeny ween afro” (TWA), I have these romanticized versions of how my hair should be. The texture of my hair has changed since I first cut off my hair and went a natural 22 years ago. It is more accepting amongst my family and other members of our community since my first set of locs. 

hair locs in sink after changing hair
Most recent locs chop.

Anyway, as many times that I have restarted my locs, I still needed to research online. I needed to get reassurance that I was doing the right method for my hair.

I lived in beauty parlors/salons as an older kid. Once I reached the end of college, tried to spend less time in beauty salons. I went to salons the first time I got locs. At the time, in New Jersey, I had to travel at least 20-30 minutes from where I lived (that depended on traffic). I watched the locticians do their magic. Once I had watched them enough times, I knew that I could loc my own hair.

Me after cutting off my locs
Me after freeing some stress from my body. The best length for my hair if it is not loc’d.

This time, I decided to try clockwise. At 47, my hair has become softer. I also have hair that curls in some places and sticks up straight in others. Let’s just say, I am not your average 4C. There are also many products for 4C hair that leave residue in my hair. That is a problem since many of the products for natural Black hair are expensive. I have paid $7 to $9 for products, and I have thrown them away because of the residue.

new locs comb coil twist
Newest Loc Journey: Comb Coil

I could try every curl cream for kinky hair. It never looks like it does, in Essence magazine or on Curly Nikki. I get it, my hair does not conform. I am not mad at that; I do not conform.

This is why after taking another break from my locs, I am now re-locing my hair. So far, tonight, with loc gel, my hair is embracing the clockwise direction of the comb-coil method (my previous locs were counter-clockwise).

I will see what happens later in the week. I am used to the method. The change in hair texture always makes it interesting.

Update 01/02/16: I settled on the comb-coil. It appears to be the best method for my hair, even though my hair is much softer now. 

 Visit Growing Locs if you need information about starting or maintaining your locs.




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