I am ready for football season to start. I need something to distract me from this frustrating, idiotic Presidential election. How can it be in 2016 in the United States that we have an openly racist candidate? How can he even be considered as a possible leader of our country? That doesn’t make sense to me. Football makes sense. Thank you NFL!

I already know who I am voting for in November. It was an easy choice. I could go with the candidate who has more experience or go with the racist fool

Anyway, this campaign has been the most frustrating and tiring that I have witnessed since I turned 18 thirty years ago. What I am tired of is the lack of accurate reporting. We don’t have news reporters anymore. Instead we have people who present lies and conspiracies in their quest to get ratings. 

I am so happy that football has arrived. I could say that I enjoy seeing those strong men in tight pants tackling each other. Yes, I do enjoy it. However, I truly love the game. 

It’s very simple: two teams battle it out, rules are followed, and the better team wins. No spin. No conspiracy. Just the “play-by-play” from the sports commentators. Maybe that is how the Cable News shows should cover this election: Just give a play-by-play of what happens and leave out the opinirons. 


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