Tech Appreciation Moment: NFL on Twitter

Tonight I had to step back and be amazed. I grew up with B/W tv with 9 channels and no remote (my parents sent me to college with the B/W tv from our basement bar. I remember watching the Mets win the 1986 World Series on that tv in my dorm. Actually, I was the remote like other children during that time.

I have: watched shows on color tvs built into large boxes (consoles); watched cable shows with the short wire remote w/the sliding dial. A remote upgrade was getting a longer cord; watched movies/shows on VHS, DVD, and On Demand.

I can now stream my tv through the Internet (3 years cable free). But, the one thing that blew my mind tonight was watching my NFL Thursday Night Football in my bed on my phone (iPhone 6) as a live stream over Twitter.

The screen was small but the picture was just as sharp and vibrant as it could be on a large screen TV. It takes a lot of efficient computer code working with a set amount of memory to achieve that goal…

I am amazed and humbled.

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