Rest in Heaven George Michael ? Rest easy great prince, You…

Rest in Heaven George Michael ?

Rest easy great prince,
You will be missed,
But never forgotten. T. Lanette

Still shocked and sad by George Michael’s death. His music helped me through many difficult times during my life. I still reach for his songs when I need a lift. I was just playing Last Christmas on Friday morning as I drove to work. I didn’t know then as I belted out the words in my car, that we would lose this gifted man on Christmas Day.

I still remember the first time I saw him. He was gliding across the stage in a glistening white shirt that said Choose Life and a gorgeous smile. I was hooked. When they said he was dating a Black woman, I was determined to pack my bags and move to England to be his wife. I also applauded his bravery for coming out. I will definitely miss his voice.

When a life is taken too soon, we honor its influence by choosing to live, choosing to love, and choosing to be happy. T. Lanette

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