Living an Orwellian Nightmare

Last night I tried to read George Orwell’s 1984. I had to put it down after six pages. I shouldn’t have read it in bed. Nightmares aren’t supposed to happen in real life. Our daily news shouldn’t be a replay of pages from Orwell’s book. Yet, since November 9, 2016, it feels as if the world

What scared me the most? Well, the haunting similarities between DT’s talk about one political party and destroying freedom of the press. Still, the same press he wants to destroy, still report him as if his actions are normal. That’s why I have followed the international press (@BBCWorld @itvnews @SkyNews). They have recognized that DT isn’t normal. They have recognized that he is trying to destroy our democracy, one fascist decision at a time.

Maybe they can save us from this nightmare. Maybe they can help Joy Reid (@amjoyshow) and Rachel Maddow (@maddow) with the fight they have already started. Until then, I will keep trudging through 1984.

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