ReBlog: Staying Healthy while You Travel

The time has finally arrived. You are days away from a fabulous vacation. Your bags are packed. You have your passport and tickets in a safe place. You even have the right size of toiletries to make it through security. The one thing you are not thinking of is illness during your trip.

The Healthy Traveler

It never crosses your mind that you could become sick. But you can. I have always purchased travel insurance just in case my trip had to be cancelled. I didn’t think about illness until one of the older travellers during my France tour ended up in the hospital. Now I know to come prepared.

This post, Staying Healthy while You Travel, gives great tips about staying healthy when you travel. Whether it is for business or pleasure, getting sick so far away from home does not feel good. These tips will help you stay healthy during your journey.  I will definitely follow these suggestions when I make my return trip to France

Speaking of Traveling and Staying Healthy…

Now I have an extra incentive to travel more often! Here’s an excellent article about why traveling is good for your health: 

8 Reasons Why Traveling Is Good For Your Health


Healthy Travels!


Source: Staying Healthy while You Travel | The Women’s Travel Group Travel Trips and Tips


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