Coding Day 30: #100DaysOfCode 

I am still amazed how quickly time passes when I am coding. Although, I really shouldn’t be; time passes when you are enjoying the activity. Last Friday morning, I started on my coding project, and the next time I looked at the clock, it was after 3 pm. I have spent the last few months learning how to code and working on the projects at FreeCodeCamp! Now I have a better understanding of HTML5 and CSS. Bootstrap, however, is still a work in progress.
I am hoping that by the time I finish my current project, a Zipline Portfolio Page, I’ll be just as familiar with Bootstrap. The picture above is one of my versions of my Portfolio Page. I say “one of my versions” because my ADHD also got in the way last weekend. I figured I would share my experience since I can’t be the only one coding while living with ADHD. 

Coding: The Pretty Side

Portfolio webpage using CodePenI enjoy making websites look visually appealing. However, after last weekend, I realized that I get too caught up in color schemes and the structure of my pages. I changed my page about five times. Every time I viewed a new design or a sample web page, I just had to try it for my page. 

Initially, I thought learning how to code would be my toughest obstacle. Now I realize it’s the other “bright shiny objects” (the endless selection of fonts and color schemes) that attract my attention. I spent most of my time last weekend trying out different fonts and color schemes instead of completing the task. I finally had to turn off the computer with just a header and navigation bar on my page.

In spite of this setback, I am not discouraged. I just need to focus on my main goal: complete my Portfolio Page with the given guidelines. I can explore designs, fonts, and color schemes for future pages. For now, I need to step away from the Google Fonts and W3C Color Palettes pages. 

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