Reblog: Star Signs as TV Shows

I knew there was a reason I liked Eastenders after the first episode I watched on PBS/WLIW. Star Sign ?? Cancer

Star Signs If They Were TV Shows:

Aries: cop drama – because Aries has so much restless energy and loves solving things.

Taurus: vampire diaries – because of Taurus passionate behaviour and lust.

Gemini: modern family – because of the many characters in the show that shows different sides to every person.

Cancer: EastEnders – because of cancers emotional side and epic drama.

Leo: empire – because of the fight for power and leadership. In this case in the music industry.

Virgo: Sherlock – because of Virgos wisdom and analytical skills, and organisation.

Libra: Friends – because of libras kind and free energy.

Scorpio: american horror story – basically because of all the blood and sex.

Sagittarius: two broke girls – Sagittarius sassy nature.

Capricorn: broadchurch – because of capricorns ability to understand other people.

Aquarius: big bang theory – because of their intellectual mind, and friendship.

Pisces: doctor who – because a Pisces has many faces, as they can adapt to any star sign in the zodiac.

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