Redwater: That First Episode 

I still can’t believe he gave Lance Byrne Communion before he drowned him.

I watched the first episode of #Redwater three nights ago on BritBox. I loved every minute of the show from the beautiful scenery to the hint of Irish mysticism. I missed the “Kat and Alfie” years on Eastenders. However, after reading about their history, it was easy to jump into their storyline. I’m a fan of the show because there were certain qualities/highlights that stood out.

My Redwater Highlights

The show captured the beauty of Ireland. I’ve traveled through Ireland three times. During every visit, I was still amazed by its breathtaking beauty. That’s why I was hoping Redwater would capture that beauty in its scenes. I wasn’t disappointed. The scenery adds to the show. Today I read that the show is filmed in Waterford, Ireland. Some of my best times were in Waterford, especially at the Waterford Crystal Factory. (Shoutout to the gentlmen who worked at the factory during the Summer of 2005. I still have the picture with the crystal cowboy hat!)

The show was moving along until we got to the last five minutes. That’s when it exploded! I wasn’t expecting the “son reveal” in the first episode. In fact, I thought it would take at least until the third episode. Then Kat’s alleged son, Dermott Dolan, commits murder in the last scene? I still can’t believe he gave Lance Byrne Communion before he drowned him. I had to rewind to watch that scene again. Then we circle back to the opening scene in the water. Now Dolan (as a young boy) tells his mom he can’t save her and won’t take her hand? So…a priest with issues, madness, and open to murder adds to the Redwater experience.

My only remaining question: Why does Dolan have such an issue with orange juice? Why is the delivery person so fixated on including the orange juice when Dolan doesn’t add it to his order? Juice shouldn’t be dramatic, but there must be a backstory.

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