EastEnders’ Whitney rages at Mick for abandoning the Carter family

EastEnders’ Whitney rages at Mick for abandoning the Carter family:

I’m definitely tired of Mick’s moaning and self-pity. I was happy to have a reprieve from his sorrow (thanks to Woody Woodward (Lee Ryan). Now that he’s back, the flood of tears has begun. Someone needed to rip Mick a new one! That someone, of course, was Whitney. Now I’m not a fan of her whining either. However, if it had to be Whitney, I guess she was the best person.

It wasn’t long ago that Mick was keeping secrets from Linda about Lee, the robbery, and the Lee’s debt. Mick added to that debt with the loans. Then he needed to leave to take care of their daughter (which was necessary). I guess while he was gone, he thought:

  • The Vic was supposed to run itself;
  • The debt was supposed to magically disappear (could use that magic with the remainder of my marital debt);
  • The roof was going to regenerate on its own;
  • Lady Di’s ailment would hold until he returned.

(We all know he would have whined and thrown one of his “man-tantrums” if they didn’t save Lady Di.)

Now we get to watch him get drunk and wallow in Mick-Pity about Linda and Shirley’s betrayal. So, if Whitney can shorten the duration of this pity-party, even better. (Of course that will probably lead to affair they’ve been leading towards for months.)

EastEnders' Whitney rages at Mick for abandoning the Carter family - Daily Mail

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