Redwater Episode 2: So What About that Orange Juice? 

My only remaining question: Why does Dolan have such an issue with orange juice? Why is the delivery person so fixated on including the orange juice when Dolan doesn’t add it to his order? Juice shouldn’t be dramatic, but there must be a backstory. “Redwater: The First Episode

After the first episode, I was curious about the orange juice. I have watched the second episode, and sadly, that is still my burning question.♥️

Why is Dermot scared of orange juice like Dracula is scared of garlic?

In fact, I was a little disappointed that the orange juice didn’t make an appearance. The second episode, did not live up to the impact of the first episode. Then again, the focus was on Lance’s funeral. I was even disappointed to see a less sinister Dermot. He appeared almost shattered and… remorseful. It’s too early in the episodes for this potential multiple-murderer to be remorseful.

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