Not On My Friday: Save Your Congratulations!

Hell To the No!

How are you going to congratulate me on my new position and wish me a “Happy Weekend,” when you can’t even apologize for treating me unprofessionally? You can’t even say the congratulations or sorry in person, but you can add “Congrats” randomly to the end of an email?

I’m a hardcore, “middle-of-July Cancer.” We can be moody, emotional, and at times, unforgiving. We value loyalty. We are also loyal friends and partners. Attack my professionalism because you are insecure, now you’re the one with the problem. Mess with my livelihood, you are still the one with the problem. You’ve also lost my trust. Maybe you think you can do and say what you want in Trump’s America. But I won’t forget. Forgive your insecurity and stupidity–Yes. Forget your actions–NOPE! (Well, at least while we work in the same immediate area.)

I expect you to treat me with respect, professionally and personally. When you don’t, my approach to you changes. I will continue to be professional and cordial. However, I will not forget you didn’t apologize. Our days of idle conversation and moments of laughter will disappear into thin air. I will always view your attempts at a kind gesture or thoughtful words with suspicion. In fact, I ignored your attempt at being kind. Instead, I focused on the business portion of your email.

So, take your Congratulations and stick it with your missing apology wherever it fits best. I’ve vented and sent your negative energy into the universe where it belongs.

Now I’m ready to start my Awesome Weekend!

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