Murder of Crows: Redwater Episode 3

He got his eyes. I’d forgotten. The way Dermot stares. He used to watch me like that at family parties…Waiting until he could get me. Uncle Harry…everyone’s favorite…Kat Moon

I’m was a little behind on my Redwater episodes due to the end of the school year. Now I’ve caught up with Episode 3, and I’m currently watching 4. So…What about Episode 3? Well, after the second episode’s lack of suspense, I was glad to see it return. Sinister Dermot (Oisin Stack) was back, and his cover was blown by 8 year old Tommy. Once you show a child your evil side, there is not turning back.

Tommy’s dislike of Dermot was a pleasant surprise. Usually, they have the kids stay quiet and hold onto their fears. Instead, Tommy shared that information right away. (Can someone tell me why this boy keeps wandering off? My parents would’ve stopped that habit real quick.) I also enjoyed hearing Kathleen’s words about Dermot’s eyes at the beginning. Now that we know he shares his father’s eyes, it makes more sense that he has an evil side. It’s shortly after her words, that we see Dermot’s temper when he lashes out at Tommy. This was a great reminder that Dermot was truly the “wolf in sheep’s (priest’s) clothing.” He can’t be trusted, and I think that’s why Agnes (Fionnula Flanagan) wants to keep him close.

Kissing Cousins?

Less than twenty minutes in, a moment caught my eye→ sexual tension as Andrew (Peter Campion) applied the plaster to Kieran’s (Ian Toner) finger? Well, this added an interesting “kissing cousin” twist to the storyline. I’m wondering what happened when Kieran and Andrew were younger to bring them together.

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