Why did I watch Casualty…

Why did I watch Casualty while trying to do my JavaScript tutorials? I knew this was the episode about Kyle’s funeral. So I was well aware this wasn’t the background noise I needed while coding JavaScript. Yet, I started the episode anyway. It’s hard enough to think about nesting arrays for a Shopping List without having tears in my eyes. Amazingly, I was able to complete the tutorial rather quickly. Nested arrays achieved.

  1. var myList = [[“White Wine”, 2], [“Cheesecake”, 1], [“pasta”, 3], [“red grapes”, 2], [“pesto”, 1]];

Then again I realize now that my mind was being pulled elsewhere. (And my Shopping List included my favorite comfort foods.)

Watching Ethan give Kyle’s eulogy was heartbreaking. When Ethan went through his list of items for Kyle’s journey, that’s when I lost it. (I did like when Ethan said there wasn’t much whiskey left.) My dad would have enjoyed this show. He’s the reason I watch BritTV and AussieTV. He passed away 18 years ago on June 14th. I guess this cry was due to happen even if I was trying to code JavaScript. The pain and shock are deep when a close sibling or parent dies. It leaves a healed scab that’s always ready to open. Tonight that scab opened. I’m glad it did.

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