Silhouette of Black Woman with Afro and white headband that says "On My Mind."

Preacher: Come on Eileen (S2Ep1)

Tulip: This is such a bad song.

Cassidy: Shite…Come on Eileen

(Police sirens)

Jesse: It's up to you.

Tulip: Well, we're low on gas.

Jesse: Then don't do it then. (Tulip glances at Cassidy over her sunglasses.)

Cassidy: I love a car chase…

"Come on Eileen…"
Dexys Midnight Runners (1997)

That car chase is when I fell in love with Preacher! I know I'm late and starting with Season 2, but I'm hooked. They sung the entire song during the car chase. That was brilliant!

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