Charlottesville: ENOUGH Excuses!

I will never get the image of those two young men out of my mind. That driver, filled with hate, changed the lives of many yesterday. I pray that both of them are alive. I pray for their families. Both men, one Black and the other White, were protesting against White Supremacists in Charlottesville. Yesterday was soul-draining and heartbreaking.

Open palm in red with the word ENOUGH!

I pray for the young woman who died, Heather Heyer, and her family who are left to grieve. I pray for Dre Harris who was brutally assaulted by White Supremacists in the parking garage right next to the police station. I pray for his mom and family as he continues to heal.

I am also sending prayers out to the Black community. We continue to have a long road ahead of us. We know what to do and how to survive. We knew this would happen and shouted our concerns through social media. We are our best allies because others have failed us.

It’s time to say, “ENOUGH excuses!” It’s time to hold the people who elected DT accountable. They need to fix what they started. 

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