Denise and Kush (EastEnders)

The last month on EastEnders has been awesome! SOC’s storylines came together answering questions I’ve had since Christmas. And now that James Wilmott-Brown has come back to Albert Square, I’m hopeful the next few months will be just as exciting. However, I had to address these tweets and take a moment to express my love for Denise (Dianne Parish) and Kush’s (Davood Ghadami) relationship. I’ve always admired EE for showing intimate relationships between women and men of all ages and sizes.

Dating is challenging when you’re a Women of a Certain Age (WOCA). That’s why I enjoy seeing Ms. Fox get some love. (The only other WOCA was Michelle, but she was with an 18 year old.) She not only has a handsome, fit, intelligent man who loves her. Denise also has a man who can keep up with her energy and cherishes her inteligence (as well as her beauty). So, where some fans see a boring relationship, I see reality and possibilities.

Why hasn’t Denise been by Kush’s side as he’s dealt with Arthur’s possible heart condition?

I hope the new Executive Producer continues to focus on their relationship. However, I do have one question: Why hasn’t Denise been by Kush’s side as he’s dealt with Arthur’s possible heart condition? After Kush left the hospital, the last time I saw Denise with him was at the Café. She couldn’t go to the hospital with him to support Carmel due to work. I haven’t seen her since. Did she leave for a holiday? Why hasn’t Kush or Carmel mentioned Denise and letting he know about Arthur? They are engaged, and Denise gave him a ring. I hope this isn’t a preview of Denise and Kush’s future as a couple. That would be disappointing. We also need to find out where Denise has been these past two weeks.


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