John Yorke Era, Part 2: Just a Few Questions (EastEnders)

When it was announced that John Yorke would take over as Acting-Executive Producer for the departing Sean O’Connor (SOC), some EastEnders fans expressed their joy on Twitter. There was talk of Yorke coming in and “cleaning house” as a way of going back to the EE of old.
There was also the hope that he would trash SOC’s stories and start from scratch. Yeah, it would’ve cost a lot of money and time, but if it helped rebuild the show to its previous glory, it would be worth it. Right?… I appreciate that Yorke kept his storylines in spite of socmedia “outrage.”

Well, fortunately all of SOC’s stories weren’t trashed. (I appreciate that Yorke kept his storylines in spite of socmedia “outrage.”) In fact, his storylines finally came together at the end of August, beginning of September. The pace was going well and moving fast. As of this past week, (30 October-3 November) SOC’s storylines were still airing. However, Yorke has been busy behind the scenes making cast changes.

I’m looking forward to seeing Tamsin Outhwaite (Mel Owen) and Hannah Spearitt (Kandice). I watched Outhwaite on the episodes that aired in the US! And I enjoyed watching Spearitt on Primeval.

So, as much as I am excited about most of Yorke’s changes, there’s a few loose-end questions that I have:

  • Denise and Kush: Denise was by his side at the hospital after his collapse. She proposed to him before he went into surgery. She even bought him an engagement ring. Where was she when Kush was waiting for the results of Arthur’s tests? Denise just disappeared and only came back after Stacey had her baby. Are they still engaged? Do you even plan on keeping them together?
  • Vincent’s drug set-up by Max: At one point, Max was trying to get Vincent to sell his club. Vincent was also getting suspicious about the set-up. Will Vincent start to realize Max’s involvement and go after him? Or has Weyland and Company lost interest in his property?
  • Sonia’s Kettering Incident: Sonia’s secret about inheriting money from her patient finally came out when the woman’s son tracked her down. Was that the last time we will see this man? Or will Sonia still have to pay for her decision?
  • Even if these storylines have been postponed for the moment, I’m still looking forward to the next two months of O’Connor and Yorke’s storylines EastEnders.

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