Silhouette of Black Woman with Afro and white headband that says "On My Mind."

Universe will handle it…

It’s taken many years for me to realize that situations need to play out in their own time. I was too fixated on holding people accountable for the pain they’ve caused. Whether it was a prejudiced coworkers, one of my ex-husbands, or family members, I couldn’t move past the pain

It’s still challenging for me to forgive especially if I can’t tell them how much their actions hurt me. However, life doesn’t work that way. When people hurt you, their actions come from a different place than where the pain will hits you. Their memory of it leaves right away. In some cases, they don’t even care. That’s a sad thought. All I can control is how I process the pain and move towards forgiveness. I’ll let the universe handle the rest.

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Teacher, writer, web designer, friend, and traveler... I try to experience everything and let go of all that I cannot control.

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