Making Jane Beale the Bad Gal (EastEnders)

… Jane’s gone. I know why, and now I have to face it. She’s gone.

I’m still dealing with shock of Jane Beale leaving Walford. I really thought she would go away for a minute and come back when Ian finally figured out Max’s plan. Jane really can’t be leaving for good. I realize she’s been through more hurt than the average Soap heroine. But, I thought she would come back. Even when Max Branning was leaving his threats on her cell… I thought she would come back.

As Kathy Beale was ripping Jane apart next to her cab (a lot of self-righteousness for a woman who played dead), that’s when I thought…

Jane, now you really need to stay to wipe that smile off Kathy’s face!

In fact, I was sure she would stay. But..Jane’s gone. I know why, and now I have to face it. She’s gone. 

Why is it Jane’s Fault?

I can accept that she had to leave. But, what I’m slightly annoyed at is that most of Jane’s “friends” have a lot to say about her leaving “poor Ian.”

Seriously? Leaving ‘Poor Ian’? Why are people even saying this out loud?

It was bad enough listening to Kathy shout at Jane from her 10ft self-righteous stool. Then I got to hear Sharon MItchell say she couldn’t understand why Jane would leave Ian. Well, Jane…

  • Was shot by Steven Beale, Ian’s stepson. Caused her hysterectomy;
  • Adopted Ian’s son, Bobby Beale, only to realize he killed his stepsister. She tried to cover it up. Bobby attacked her with a hockey stick. Coma Number 1;
  • Was almost burned alive by Steven (with Max’s help) leading to Coma Number 2.

At this point, I can see why Jane needed to take a break even without Max’s threats. Even Ian finally realized that he took Jane for granted. So, it’s time for Sharon, Michelle, and Kathy to stop coddling and enabling Ian. They need to realize that he’s a huge reason we’ve lost Jane.

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