Why Karen Taylor Shouldn’t Join Sharon Mitchell’s Inner Circle (EastEnders)

…if EastEnders was going to show a possible friendship between these women, Sharon bonding after using Denise and Karen to save Michelle was a poor example.

It’s been two weeks since Sharon Mitchell asked Denise Fox and Karen Taylor to help save Michelle Fowler from her stalker, Tom. Sharon knows Michelle has a habit of getting into messy situations.  After all, they’ve been friends since childhood. Yet, this dinner with Tom scared Sharon so much, that she asked two women who she ignores daily to help save Michelle from her stupidity.

I had low expectations about the scenes after Sharon’s plea. However, after the ladies got rid of Tom and celebrated their victory, I changed my mind. I started to think this could be the beginning of a strong friendship between the ladies. I was wrong.

When You Use, You Abuse

I’d been thinking about Sharon’s impromptu Girls’ Night since that episode. Today, after reading an article by DigitalSpy’sJonathan Hughes discussing Karen’s options for friends, I had to share my thoughts. One of the suggestions was Karen becoming part of the Sharon/Michelle inner circle (friend them separately, you still get the other one). In my opinion, that would be a big, fat NO!


There isn’t enough wine in Walford to justify putting Karen through the Sharon/Michelle “faux-posh” drama that they spit out daily.

First, as mentioned in the article, we are reminded every episode how long Sharon and Michelle have been friends and how much they depend on each other. (Especially Michelle who’s depended on Sharon’s father Den and her ex-husband Grant Mitchell.) Who would want to crash that twosome? There isn’t enough wine in Walford to justify putting Karen through the Sharon/Michelle “faux-posh” drama that they spit out daily. (Note: Yes, Karen did punch Sharon. However, if Sharon was going to get into Karen’s face, she should’ve been ready.) 

Second, if EastEnders was going to show a possible friendship between these women, starting off with Sharon using Denise and Karen to save Michelle was a poor example. Just because they shared wine and conversation afterward, doesn’t mean Sharon or Michelle will be less judgmental. In fact, the next morning, Michelle had something to say about Karen’s behavior when she has too much to drink. Umm…


So, the woman who:

  • Slept with her teenage student in Florida;
  • Slept with him again in Sharon’s house while watching her children;
  • Destroyed her cousin Ian Beale’s business by driving a car through the front door;
  • Totaled Phil Mitchell’s car driving it into a Chippy;
  • Nearly killed two people, including Kathy Beale (Ian’s mother) and Kush Kazemi (Denise’s fiance);

…had something to say about Karen enjoying her wine buzz?  Yep, Karen needs to pass on that friendship. 

Sharon chose both women for her own personal gain (Denise pointed that out right away).  I know Denise and Karen had the option of saying no (especially based on their history with Sharon). However, both women have a sense of community. So, of course, they would help Sharon save Michelle. Both of these women deserve better! 

Welcome to Karen’s Future Posse

Karen Taylor deserves to have women in her life who are supportive and entertaining. She needs a strong crew, not just one BFF. So, here are my picks for the ultimate Real Women of Walford Posse:

  • Denise Fox: Karen and Denise clashed over her son Keegan and their dog Bronson. However, Denise was the only one who invited Karen to sit with her at the Vic during Ladies’ Night. A friendship between Denise and Karen can build over time. They’ve had similar experiences and love their children. 
  • Shirley Carter: Shirley comforted Karen when Bernadette lost her baby. She continued to reach out to her as they grieved over the loss. If she and Karen go out drinking, you can believe she won’t pull a “Michelle” and talk about Karen the next morning. 
  • Kim Fox-Hubbard: Their funniest moment occurred when Kim thought Karen had given her food poisoning. The two of them trying to intimidate the other in the Vic was hilarious. I can imagine scenes with Kim and Karen causing laughter and mayhem on Albert Square
  • Joyce Murray: (Added after the 24Nov17 Episode) Joyce and Karen used to live in the Towers before it was torn down. They did not get along. So, imagine Joyce’s surprise when Karen followed them to Albert Square (in the flat below her and Ted). Well, Joyce came through when Karen needed her most. She may be “posh,” but she knew how to handle loan sharks legally. Joyce is the friend that Karen should keep in her posse. 
  • Linda Carter: (Honorable Mention; Added after the 24Nov17 Episode) Even though Linda is supposed to be best buddies with Sharon, they only get together occasionally. That means if Linda becomes friends with Karen, there will be little influence from Sharon. Linda, against her husband Mick’s grumbling, also collected money to help Karen with the loan sharks. That gesture guarantees Linda an invite to a future Ladies’ Night with Karen and her crew. 

Even if Karen Taylor ends up with two or three ladies from this group,  she’ll still have to support network she needs to survive in Walford

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