EastEnders: There’s a New Man in Town (27/11/17)

Monday night’s EastEnders (EE) episode was all about the “new.” It was John Yorke’s first episode as Executive Consultant. There was a lot of anticipation for his first episode. Fans on Twitter talked about EE starting a new era with Yorke. Well, I’ve had some time to think about the episode and Yorke’s impact.
About Yorke…

I enjoyed Monday’s episode. However, I also enjoyed the episodes from last week. In my opinion, the mood and pace were still the same. You see, I believe that Yorke has been making changes to EE episodes for a while. (Makes sense if he wants to integrate his storylines seamlessly.) The only thing missing was his name in the credits. If there was a slight change in the show, I believe that happened two months ago. So for now, I’m saving my excitement for Yorke’s new storylines which will air during Christmas. So…let’s talk about…

The Real New Man in Town

The moment I saw Aidan Maguire (Patrick Bergin) on the screen I knew it was going to be amazing! This character had the swagger that’s been missing from EE for awhile. There were only a few scenes, but Maguire’s impact was immediate. (EE has to do everything in their power to keep Patrick Bergin on the show!)

  • Aidan made Phil Mitchell (Steven McFadden) smile more than I’ve ever seen him do in the last two years;
  • Aidan charmed Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) so much, that she put down her laundry basket and sat at the table with Phil enjoying adult conversation;
  • Finally, Aidan connected with Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) better than anyone has since the Taylor family arrived in Albert Square. (Even Honey Mitchell was still scowling at Keegan when Bernadette returned his money.) Aidan responded to Keegan because he saw his potential. I hope Keegan will be spending more time with Aidan in the future.

Aidan Maguire’s presence will have a lasting impact on Albert Square. I also believe that his ties to Walford are deeper than just visiting an old friend.

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