JavaScript Round 2: #100DaysOfCode ReBoot

It is not wrong to go back to that which you have forgotten.West African proverb

It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about my progress in with coding. In fact, when I checked into FreeCodeCamp almost two weeks ago (01/07/18), my last visit was in August. That was the last time I worked on my tutorials. So, now…

I’m rebooting, returning, and restarting those tutorials. I am going back to the relearn the JavaScript I’ve forgotten.

bitmoji of black woman with locs with her hand on her forehead and the saying "Shaking my Head" in disbelief that I forgot javascript.

I was disappointed that I didn’t stay focused on my goal. Every time I read success stories about other people learning to code, I became more discouraged. Why was it taking longer for me to understand JavaScript than HTML and CSS?

Making Peace with JavaScript

Once school started, I was back into my “Overwhelmed September Teacher” role. I always had an excuse to avoid the computer at night. It was easier to say I was “too tired” than to admit that I was having a hard time with JavaScript.

However, last weekend, I got my coding inspiration back. I was reading a few Medium articles, and I learned two valuable lessons:

  1. Learning to code takes time (I need to ignore those stories about people about learning in less than a year and landing their developer job.) Everyone’s learning style is different (Duh! After 24 years of teaching elementary students, that should’ve been my first thought.)
  2. “Learning to code is not a linear progression. Learning to code is a cycle of ups and downs. And the downs are really down. You get so stuck that you want to pull your hair out. You get frustrated. Discouraged.” I read this insightful tip in “What No One Tells You About Learning to Code–And Why that Makes It So Hard,” by Joyce Akiko. It may take me longer to learn JavaScript, but that’s ok. My goal should be to understand the basic fundamentals and know how to research the rest. 

So, now I can restart my 100DaysofCode with a more positive mindset. I’m going to restart my JavaScript tutorials, and this time I will be successful! 

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