Walford Heist: The Bigger Picture (EastEnders)

Last Friday was the day! It was the big showdown between EastEnders Aidan Maguire (Patrick Bergin) and Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) at the Queen Vic pub. Fan reviews for the storyline have been mixed. Some fans on Twitter couldn’t wait for this storyline to be over. Other fans (like me ??) were excited about the showdown and the aftermath. So, was it really about the heist? Or did Aidan have a larger plan in mind when he stepped into Albert Square?

Un-Usual Walford Suspects

Aidan confirmed that his main goal was control over Albert Square. The heist was just a way to get inside of the community. He chose Mick, Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood), and Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) because they were all desperate for money. (Mick was the most desperate because he needed to save the Queen Vic Pub.) Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) had the perfect business to hide stolen goods: a funeral home. It appeared Aidan’s plan was complete. So, what about Phil?

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) only asked to be part of the heist out of boredom at home (the money was a good bonus). He also had a bond with his former cellmate. A strong bond based on helping each other survive in prison. That changed when Phil turned on him to “save” Mick. (Who Phil was trying to save is still up for debate.) We were left with Aidan Maguire taking the tube out of Albert Square. However, this can’t be the end of his takeover.

No Money, More Fallout

In fact, I hope it isn’t over. A man like Aidan doesn’t just walk away and not think about revenge. The men put in all that effort, and the only one who got the money was Ciara. That’s why I believe there’s still more to the story.  So, now that Aidan has left, I want to see:

  • Linda Carter Learning the Truth about Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean): Mrs. Mitchell fooled everyone when she took that money. Phil tore up part of the house because she lied. What he doesn’t know is that she was more truthful with Mel Owen (Tamsin Outhwaite). Sharon kept her secret while watching her “best friend” Linda Carter’s (Kellie Bright) family was terrorized by Maguire. I would love to see Linda confront Sharon. That would help Linda mature and maybe put Sharon in her place. There has to be a reason Phil told Mick about Sharon. He usually keeps his business to himself;
  • Vincent’s Anger: Vincent had to deal with Phil’s constant “You’re a Grass” playground chant during the heist. He proved he could be trusted with Aidan. However, once Phil thought Ben was being threatened, he sacrificed Vincent. When Vincent tried to take down Aidan and asked Mick to join him, Mick said no. Of course, when Mick needed help, he expected Vincent to be right by his side. Now that Phil and the “men of Walford” came to Mick’s defense, I would expect Vincent to be angry. (Not saying it’s justified.) He has nothing because Aidan forced him to hand over the Albert. I want to see that anger and hurt as he struggles to get back on top. Vincent’s feud with Phil may restart once he hears about Sharon’s involvement…
  • Aidan’s Revenge: There is no way a man like Aidan would give up that easily. Phil’s betrayal probably hurt the most (along with his punch).  Maguire is anger over that betrayal would be the perfect catalyst for revenge. So, until he returns, I would love to see another character carry on Maguire’s plan. It could be Ciara’s brother (Mel’s ex-husband) who takes over the drug opereation. Instead of using the Vic, Maguire’s partner could use the Albert.
Maguire’ story shouldn’t end with his forlorn look as he entered the tube station. There has to be a larger ripple effect from his time in Albert Square. I’m ready to watch the fallout!

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