Time for a New Queen Vic Landlady (EastEnders)

I might be one of the few, but…I think it’s time for a new landlady at the Queen Vic. Judging from my Twitter poll, there are other fans who are ready for a change. Now that John Yorke has been changing character personalities and cutting the cast list, this would be a perfect time to have the Carter Family move on.

I’m not saying they should leave Albert Square (Danny Dyer and Kellie Bright are great actors). I just think it’s time for them to find a new home and new jobs.New Landlady Vibe

We’ve spent the last year watching the Carter’s money battle and quest to “Save the Vic.” (I’m exhausted just thinking about all their plans and schemes.) Now that their pub is safe, it needs an atmosphere adjustment.

The Vic needs to be lively and fun again. Lately, Linda’s current personality (a little snobbish) and occasional bad mood, has chilled the atmosphere. Now that E20 Night Club is open, you would expect her to be nicer to get more customers.

She’s not the “fun-loving Linda” fans kept talking about before her return. Maybe Linda has become hardened from the bad luck they’ve experienced at the Vic. She could be pissed that all her adult children have moved far away. All we see is Linda whinging and Mick trying to talk her off the ledge. Whatever the reason for her mood, they need to fix it soon.

Here’s a suggestion ?? Let’s have Round Two of Kat Slater Moon (Jessie Wallace) as the Vic Landlady. She could move in with Big Moe and Jean (if she leaves her husband). The Slater women would bring the fun and laughter back to the pub.

The Vic has been the focus of too many Carter “money problem” storylines for too long. It’s a community watering hole for Walford residents to talk about and forget their issues. That’s hard to do when the owners are always asking for money and running gimmicks to fill the pub with customers.

We need our old Queen Vic back!

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