The Royal Wedding: Love and Joy

Beautiful flower with orange and dark orange petals and green leaves to represent the sunny day in Windsor for the Royal Wedding. There was no doubt that I would be front and center for the third Royal Wedding in my lifetime. It was Prince Harry’s turn to get married. The second son of the woman, Lady Diana Spencer, whose marriage in 1981 had me glued to the television. That was the beginning. I remember where I was when I heard Princess Diana died. I watched her young sons walk behind her casket during the funeral. Now, seven years after Prince William and Katherine Middleton were married, I was ready to watch another royal wedding. Everything about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ceremony was beautiful! You could feel the love and joy!
Six hundred people filled St. George’s Chapel, yet the mood felt intimate. I loved watching Prince Harry glance at Ms. Markle during the ceremony. You could see the love he had for her in those glances. That’s what I want, what every woman wants–A man who will look at her lovingly that way Prince Harry looked at Meghan Markle. Even the way he kissed her on the steps of the chapel made me melt! Their love and affection was the best part of the ceremony for me. That’s how it should be.

It was after the ceremony, after I dried my eyes, that I realized I had done it wrong. That type of love comes naturally. It can’t be forced or pushed. Looking back at my two marriages, I chose my two ex-husbands for the wrong reasons. My childhood baggage and insecurities got in the way of me seeing they were the wrong choices. There was no way we would reach that level of love and affection.  It doesn’t mean that I’ll be a better man-chooser now after watching this wedding. I just realize that type of love has to occur naturally with the right person. (We also need a mutual friend who knows a prince.

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