Why Corrie & Emmerdale Are Ahead of EastEnders

I had plans to write a few EastEnders (EE) posts this week. It’s one of my favorite Brit Soap Operas, so I tend to write about it more often. I also watch Coronation Street (Corrie), Hollyoaks, and Emmerdale. However, after watching Corrie’s three episodes this week (070518 and 110518), I had to change my posts.

I was going to write about Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean), and whether we should see her as a comedienne or as a serious moll to Phil Mitchell’s (Steven McFadden) hard man. Then you have the Carters and the Queen Vic. I was ready to give my reasons about why the Vic needed a new landlord/landlady and a new atmosphere.

Finally, I’m enjoying the Max and Rainie Branning (Jake T. Wood and Tanya Franks) storyline. I was ready to label them the “King and Queen of Walford” over Sharon and Phil. However, I decided to put these posts aside. Once I watched and experienced Aidan’s Suicide Storyline on Corrie, these the EE storylines and posts didn’t matter.

Emmerdale’s Charity Dingle and Ross Barton storylines are also far ahead. I’m focusing on Corrie because it had such an emotional impact on me this week.

My topics were trivial soap issues compared to Aidan’s male suicide and David’s male rape storylines. Kate Oates (Corrie’s Executive Producer) and the writers scripted both storylines so well. I was in tears watching these episodes. (Unfortunately, she’s leaving the show. I just wish she would head over to Albert Square.) The acting was phenomenal, and the attention to detail was brilliant. (I was still crying an hour after the show ended.)

EastEnders is still my favorite soap. I enjoy watching the characters (when Yorke isn’t writing them out), and there have been moments of excitement during the past year. However, I have to admit, Coronation Street is a top quality soap opera. The acting, writing, production, and even the prop placement has been consistent and wonderful.


Oates has made me care about the characters just as much as my favorites on EE. Her storylines show reality while balancing the drama and the humor. The storytelling drives the pace of the storylines. They don’t drag on for too long or move too quickly. That was an important part of Aidan’s storyline. It was the little details that appeared over time. When we finally got to the end, thinking back to those details made me even more emotional.

I know it’s wishful thinking, but I would love to see Oates as EastEnders’ Executive Producer.

It’s going to take more than Yorke bringing back old legacy characters to continue the show’s slow improvement. EastEnders needs to rethink the pacing and quality of their storylines if they want compete with Corrie and Emmerdale.

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