Jaws: 43 Years Since I Was Scared About the Beach

43-Years?!?!?! That can’t be right! I know time passes while we continue with our lives. However, I saw this tweet and was amazed that Jaws came out that long ago, 43 years ago!

Even though I saw that mechanical shark at Universal Studios Hollywood in the 90s, that movie will still scare me (well, just a little bit).

I was 6 years old when it was in the movies. Even though I didn’t see it firsthand, the news about the movie was enough to scare me. I live in New Jersey. New Jerseyans build their summers around going to the shore. We only went to the Atlantic City occasionally.

Jaws was enough for me to stay in my nana’s backyard in my blue kiddie pool (it was a cool pool with a slide). I also believe it was enough to spawn Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. (This is the 30th year of Shark Week, another Wow!) Jaws was also the summer blockbuster that scared people into staying away from the ocean. Anyone who remembers the movie knows the “Shark is Coming” music. This tweet reminds me again that although time is constant, it passes when you don’t pay attention.

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