Finally, TRump as it should be broadcasted…

SkyNews split screen of Chequers in Buckinghamshire and protests in London, England.
SkyNews split screen of May/Trump press conference and protests in London, England.

#SkyNews is broadcasting the press conference with TRump and Prime Minister May at Chequers in Buckinghamshire. The press conference wasn’t spectacular because TRump actually “read” from a prepared sheet. He only went off-script to make comments about what was “nice,” “tremendous,” and “wonderful.”

What I enjoyed was SkyNews showing the split screen of Chequers and the protests in London. I don’t get why our US news media refuses to use this technique when reporting on TRump.

There was also the questions!! These reporters asked questions that kept TRumpaccountable for words he said during his other interviews. They kept asking him to “explain” and “elaborate.” These are higher-order critical thinking skills he can’t perform.

SkyNews screen with Donald Trump during press conference with Theresa May and caption saying Trump saying his interviews were “fake news.”
SkyNews caption that Donald Trump said his interviews were fake news.

It was an enjoyable press conference. In fact, it was “The Highest Level of Special!” It showed how much of a narcissistic idiot he is. All that I missed was a drinking game for every time he said “Fake News.” (It was too early in the morning.)

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