Blood Thinners, Women, and Periods (The Real Truth)

Alert: Men I need to warn you. This is a blog post about how blood thinners affect a woman’s period. That means I’m going to be extremely detailed. I do encourage you to read if you have female family members on blood thinners.

T.Lanette Pollard
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I’m was sitting in my beautiful junior suite at the Grand Palladium Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica four weeks ago. The weather was warm, and the view was gorgeous. It’s was also six days after my 50th birthday! This was the best birthday present I’d ever planned. I was ready for sunning, partying, and relaxing (in moderation). You see, I have Atrial Fibrillation which means that I take blood thinners. I was fortunate to have two days of lounging in and around the pool. Then my period started to flow like the lava in Hawaii (without the heat of course).

Blood Thinner Alert

I was taking Xarelto along with other medication to control my heart rate. But, back to the blood thinner. Most doctors will tell you about the major side effects and to watch out for blood clots. However, it was my discharge nurse who gave me a heads up:

Ladies, blood thinners will make your periods heavier! HEAVIER!!

T.Lanette Pollard

I’m talking “Niagara Falls Red Running Water” heavier! The type of flow that when I stand up, I’ve actually left a trail of red drops. (That happened in the room.) So, after two days of lounging at the pool, I stayed close to my beautiful room. And… to make it even more challenging, my suite was predominately white. Did you hear me… MY ROOM WAS MOSTLY WHITE! The sheets, the comforter, the leather couches, the towels, the tub, and the shower were all white. When I checked out, they were still white.

I opted not to go to the “White Party” for obvious reasons. At least I have a pair of white jeans that I can use in the future. 

T.Lanette Pollard

My days included changing my extra long, extra wide, extra absorbent 10-hour sanitary napkins every 1-2 hours. One morning I had rinsed out blood stains from shorts, workout pants, and underwear at two different times. After all of that extra work, I opted not to go to the “White Party” for obvious reasons. At least I have a pair of white jeans that I can use in the future. Yet, in spite of this biological setback, I still managed to enjoy my vacation.

So, ladies, just be aware that taking blood thinners can affect your period. Make sure you ask your doctor and/or gynecologist about your options. I’ve read online that some women have been prescribed hormones to help lessen the flow. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for me based on my heart condition.  It may be an option for you. Good luck! 

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