EastEnders Denise Fox looking at Phil Mitchell with suspicion after he says he's being nice.

I miss EastEnders Denise Fox (Dianne Parish)! How can John Yorke and the writers let this brilliant actress sit on the sidelines? If it was Martin Fowler going through grief, Stacey Fowler would be by his side. Even when Mick Carter was in his feelings about leaving Shakil behind (Which he got over very quickly…), Linda Carter was there to comfort him.

 Yet, when Kush Kazemi is dealing with his grief and anger, Denise is left out. Since he slept with that random chick, I’ve still been searching for Denise…


Ms. Fox hasn’t been seen since that weekend Kush got drunk and called her “Mom.” She was supporting him before. Now, she’s just disappeared. Poof! Gone! Another loose end, a gaping plot hole that doesn’t make sense. 

On a show where blondes are the flavor of Albert Square, it was great to see Denise Fox and her sister involved in the Walford scene. I hope that Fox returns soon. Dianne Parish should’ve been involved in Kush’s Grief Storyline. It was a bad decision by John Yorke not to include her. 

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