Sorting Out Mick and Linda Carter (EastEnders)

I’ve been waiting for this side of Mick since I started watching #EastEnders again. Now he’s the tough man they kept referring to. This version of Mick would’ve handled Aidan Maguire much better.

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I have been waiting to see the “tough” Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) since his wife Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) returned to Albert Square. His character hasn’t been the same since Linda returned. While she was gone and he was spending time with Whitney Dean (Shona McCarty), Mick was stronger and less… indecisive. Now, after Friday’s episode, I finally saw the tough “Geezer and Hard Man” fans kept talking about. He finally snapped! And he snapped some fingers in the process. All it took was the evil taunting by Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) and a stretch in prison away from Linda. Now I’m hoping (and wishing) this is the beginning of a new transformation for the Carters. I’m hoping that sorting out Mick and Linda’s characters will be one of the bullets Kate Oates’s list. 

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I’ve enjoyed watching the “Stuart Highway Revenge” storyline from the beginning. Now I get to watch Mick struggling to survive in prison. The prison scenes have been delightful (I get giddy just watching them..)! Those scenes have been realistic and gritty. Just what EastEnders has been missing for a long time. So, now that Kate Oates is set to arrive in October, two days away, (YASSSS!), this would be a great time to reevaluate Mick and Linda. 

“Sorting-Out” Wishes for the Carters

I have a few wishes for the Carters under the “Kate Oates Era“. I’m not asking for much, just a little bit more sorting out to make their characters appeal to everyone. 

  • Mick Carter: After Friday’s episode and Mick cracking fingers, the toughness has to continue. I want to see this experience change Mick. Too often, he doesn’t have control over situations. He tries to solve problems, but it’s while having Linda and Shirley (Linda Henry) raging in his ears. They mean well, but at some point, Mick has to be the man. He has to take control. The only woman who trusted Mick enough to handle business was Whitney. (Said in Mick’s own words to Jack…) I’m just hoping that Oates will continue to move Mick in that direction. 
  • Linda Carter: Wooooo…SMH… Anyone who’s read my tweets knows I’ve been very vocal about her since she returned. I haven’t been impressed with her character. Linda, a former teen mother, has been sheltered and catered to by her mom and Mick’s family for so long, she thinks she’s above everyone else. I would love to see Oates stop her from yelling Mick’s name so often. (That screeching does my head in!) She needs to give Linda female friends other than Sharon. Besides, she’s only Sharon’s faux-best-friend when Michelle isn’t around.  She needs other women who’ve experienced similar issues. Linda needs other interests other than hanging with Mick’s mother and aunt. The Carter women aren’t the Slaters who provide each other with that “girlfriend” outlet. Linda needs outside female interaction. Hopefully that will change her attitude.

My last request would be for new owners of the Vic. (However, I don’t want to be greedy with my ask. ) I think the Queen Vic has to return to a community watering hole. Right now the pub is just the Carter home with a few occasional punters. In the Classic EastEnders episodes, we get to see the Vic crowded with locals. Oates needs to bring back that community feel. New owners of the Vic may accomplish that goal. That change may the change Mick and Linda need.

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So… Here’s to Kate Oates taking over EastEnders this week! I think the best is yet to come!

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