EastEnders Fall Spoiler: What’s Missing

I’ve seen the EastEnders Fall Spoiler, and as usual, the spoiler looks intriguing and exciting. (Well… except for the scenes they used from an earlier episode…) I can’t wait to see how Stuart gets his punishment and what happens to Hayley’s baby. However, I’m not as excited as I thought I would be. In fact, I’m more focused on what’s missing from the spoiler. So, which storylines and characters have been left out of the fall episode line up? 

Missing Spoiler #1: Kush, Carmel, & Denise

Black Woman BitMoji with dreadlocks and a detective hat holding a magnifying glass. Caption says "Searching."

First on the list of the EastEnders “Missing” is Kush/Carmel/Denise and the rest of the Knife Storyline. I guess the second part of this storyline has been earmarked for appearing once every few weeks. We watched Kush sleep with a random girl at the beginning of September. Then he had his meltdown at the end of September. At this rate, Denise (when they find her) will learn about Kush’s cheating by Christmas.

I also think Carmel will get the usual “Black Cab Exit.” Yorke has promised the Knife Storyline would continue and be worth watching. I should’ve known that the storyline would be lackluster. 

Missing Spoiler #2: Kathy/Masood/Ian

Next, there is Kathy/Masood/Ian and the Kiss Storyline. I saw Ian Beale have a man-tantrum after he saw his mother kiss Masood. It’s been almost 2 months since Ian lost his mind. Where have Masood and Kathy gone? Did they run away together to escape Ian’s wrath? Or, has Yorke decided to forget that storyline? Why bother with the lead up to the kiss if you weren’t going to follow through? Sharon shouldn’t be the only one getting some action on the square. Kathy Beale deserves some love too! 

Missing Spoiler #3: Honey/Billy/Adam

Black Woman BitMoji with dreadlocks placing her hand on her head with the caption SMH
Not sure about this one…

I’ve watched Billy beg Honey for another chance. He even managed to get Jay Brown to let Honey and the kids move into their “Bachelor Flat.” Then we meet Adam the Dentist. He’s a former foster child of Mariam and Arshad Ahmed. After a few dates, it looked like Adam was falling in love with Susan… I mean, Honey. And then… that was it. 

The last scene we saw was Adam kissing Honey in the restaurant two months ago. Has Adam disappeared with Denise, Kathy, and Masood? Is he still Walford’s only dentist? Or did Honey decide not to date Adam and forget to tell us? I guess we’ll hear about the dentist again around Christmas. 

I’m not sure if I will get to see these storylines eventually, just not during the fall episodes. That’s the consistency that has been missing during Yorke’s second era. I do hope that Kate Oates will at least address these storylines in by Christmas and add the consistency that the show has been lacking. 

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