Two Families Isn’t a Soap: EastEnders

Coronation Street was the big winner this year (No surprise!) at the Inside Soap Awards. Emmerdale also came away with a few prizes. My EastEnders, however, managed two awards– one for Best Partnership (for the Carters who log the most airtime) and Showstopper (for the stabbing of Shakil Kazemi and Keegan Baker). That last award is a surprised me.

It was an awesome scene and storyline. However, it’s the one storyline that was hyped by John Yorke and ignored by him at the same time. He’s put other storylines aside to focus on two families–the Slaters and the Carters. Corrie and Emmerdale don’t rely on two families for their award-winning storylines. Both shows use their entire cast. That’s what’s missing with EastEnders.

It’s an ensemble show.  However, lately, it’s been an ensemble of 12. The Carters and the Slaters are strong families. In fact, Yorke think’s they are are the only families on Albert Square. He does use the other characters occasionally. We just don’t see them as often. 

I’m hoping that when Kate Oates’s episodes finally air in February, we will start to see more of the Walford families. I want the Queen Vic to become the gathering place it used to be for the residents. Right now it’s just the home for the Carters with the occasional punters in the bar. Here’s to Oates and positive changes in Walford! 

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