Linda Carter’s Master Plan? ? —EastEnders

Linda Carter has been acting strange. She’s turned her back on her husband Mick as he suffers in jail. She’s developed a “soft spot” for Stuart Highway. Linda has even invited him into the Queen Vic against her family’s wishes. Fans are saying it is totally out of character for Linda to stop believing Mick. Some even believe that her change in behavior is part of a Carter Master Plan to help prove Mick is innocent… I don’t.

I’ve watched Linda Carter for almost two years. She has never been a planner. She has been portrayed as a simple thinker. In fact, Linda has always reacted to situations first and left the planning to Mick. Stuart has been playing with the Carter’s emotions for months. Linda and Mick believed him every time and let him into their home. Why would Linda come up with a major plan now to save her family from Stuart? Why didn’t the Carters think of a plan before Mick was arrested?

So, if Linda was “playing” Stuart to get the truth, wouldn’t she tell Shirley or her best friend Sharon Mitchell? There’s no way the Linda we’ve known would create a plan like this by herself. What’s obvious is that none of her family knows about this “plan“. (Especially if Shirley is set to fling Linda’s sexy red lingerie all over the Vic bar. )

If it turns out that Linda Carter has been pretending to like Stuart to help clear Mick, then it will be the “Reveal of the Year!”

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