Hollyoaks Nana Breda: I Wasn’t Ready!

I wasn’t ready! There’s no other excuse. I just wasn’t ready! I’ve been behind on my Hollyoaks episodes on Hulu. However, I was still staying current with the spoilers and updates on Twitter. But.. I wasn’t ready for Nana Breda to be a Serial Killer! I mean… she’s a true serial killer because Breda collects trophies

Her trophies aren’t body parts, intimate clothing, or jewelry. They’re just… buttons… Buttons that she sews on to dolls for… her grandsons.


That was a brilliant reveal by Hollyoaks. In fact, Soap fans need to start paying attention to that village outside of Chester, England.

A Village that Breeds Surprises

 She’s just a woman trying to protect her family. Unfortunately, Breda kills people as part of that protection. 


It was easy for me to get hooked onto Hollyoaks because of its pace, storylines, and diverse characters. Every character, regardless of age, cultural/ethnic background, gender identification, or sexual orientation has been involved in major storylines. (Although EastEnders is my favorite, we haven’t reached that level yet.)

That’s why Breda McQueen’s (Moya Brady) storyline is so fascinating. She’s a strict nanny. However, as a nanny, I couldn’t imagine her hurting anyone. She’s just a woman trying to protect her family. Unfortunately, Breda kills people as part of that protection.

I’m also an American fan. We’ve had our own issues with mass-murderers (recently) and serial killers. Very few of them are women or nannies/grandmothers. I wouldn’t have seen that reveal coming even if you had it on a blimp flying over Chester.

So, What About Breda…

Now that Breda has taken care of–killed— Russ Owen (Stuart Manning), I can’t wait to see what she does next. She has become more territorial about her family. She’s also taking her murdering-habit beyond her family circle. 

Now Breda has been making sure certain men in Hollyoaks get the punishment they deserve. She’s already helped Grace Black (Tamara Wall) and her ladies assassinate Glen Donovan (Bob Cryer). I can also see Breda going after Louis Loveday (Karl Collins) once Leela Lomax (Kirsty-Leigh Porter) finds out about his secret marriage. 

Nana Breda’s killing spree is definitely not over. I can’t wait to see who’s buttons she adds to her collection. 

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