My 5 Favorite Shows to Watch While Coding

I need background noise when I’m working. When I’m at school, the noises from students, teachers, and “Harry” in the heater (that’s what we call the knocking noises) provide the sounds I need. However, when I’m home trying to keep up with the #100DaysOfCode, I need television shows to keep me focused. Yes…I’m one those “ADHD People.

My issue is inattentiveness. Coding on its own should keep me occupied. However, I also need a television show that occupies the non-coding part of my mind. (Did that make sense? It did to me, so…) I can write the code for an webpage and still tell you what happened in the show. I know I’m not the only one. So, I thought I would share a few of my favorite television shows I watch/listen to while coding.

Drumroll Please…

HTML and CSS Coding book

Just a heads up: I only watch British TV shows. My dad started me at age 8-9, and I kept going. (He would love watching Dr. Who now!) The last US TV show I watched religiously was Season 1 of How To Get Away With Murder. So, my Disclaimer has been delivered. Anywho, here are my five favorite shows to watch while coding:

  • Midsomer Murders: I can watch Tom Barnaby and Gavin Troy solving small town murders all day. The Causton detectives prove that small towns are the places where scandals and murders breed. Barnaby approaches every case with ease and helps Troy to become more accepting of others. I can enjoy the easy pace of the show while completing my coding projects;
  • MI-5: I’m completely hooked and fascinated by the “spook-life.” The idea that people are saving the country from terrorists, while living with lies blows my mind;
  • Line of Duty: I love this show! It’s the investigation unit we’ve needed in America for a long time. Just when you think the bad cop wins, there’s always a twist. I can keep up with the storyline including the twists and turns while coding;
  • Wire in the Blood: I want to be a Profiler in my next life. I know that sounds crazy. However, there’s something magnetic about how Dr. Tony Hill figures out the minds of serial killers;
  • No Offense: This show is hilarious! The sarcasm and wit keep my mind engaged while I’m working. The problem is I go through an entire seasons too fast. 

I watch all of these shows on BritBoxAcornTV, and Hulu. (In fact I’m watching Midsomer Murders as I write this post.) So, if you’re looking for background noise while you are coding, give these television shows a try. 

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