ReBlog: You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Yourself

Pain is not your friend nor is anyone who is causing that pain.  In life, you have to realize to show up for yourself and stop begging people, includes your blood relatives,  to love you.

Emma Ortega Negrete

I needed to see this post tonight. Stuck? I feel as if I’ve been stuck since I was 8 years old. That’s when my childhood ended. (No, I wasn’t physically or verbally abused.) I just had a mother who decided it was time for me to “get older.” She had my brother to focus on, and it was time for me to be less dependent. So, 42 years later, I’ve managed to have a relationship with my mother. (Thank you therapy!) I promised my dad (my parent) I would try. Since he’s died I’ve definitely tried. And the week after Thanksgiving, I realized I’ve tried too hard. This relationship has been a huge source of pain for me. I’m tired. I’ve sacrificed my feelings too often for family, too often for my mother. I’m too tired! I won’t be sacrificing my feelings anymore. 

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