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Battery Issues Again: iPhone7

Of course the moment I pay off my IPhone7, the issues begin.


It’s started AGAIN! My iPhone 7 battery has issues. It now has a 77% capacity after accepting the IOS12 update. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!! I dealt with this issue when I had the iPhone 6S. This was a first for me because when I owned iPhones 1-5, I had no problem. So, off I go to Google I go to find a “fix” for this issue. I found the few fixes I could use, but my battery was still being sucked dry. I tried to roll back to a previous update, IOS11. However, I could only roll back to one of the earlier versions of IOS12.

I could have rolled back to IOS 11, however, it might have caused other complications, and my ADHD couldn’t handle the directions last night.


We can put men and women in the International Space Station and communicate with them in real time. Yet, Apple keeps making updates that suck the life out of your phone battery. They know they have us hooked! I can design and code a webpage. However, I’m not tackling the logic of Android phones after starting my journey with iPhone 1. So, now I just put my phone on Low-Power and Airplane mode when I’m at school (work) during the day. Now I have at least a 90% battery charge at 3:00 p.m. EST instead of 5%. I will also patiently wait until Apple ACCEPTS that there are enough of their customers affected by their issues to offer the batteries for FREE. That’s the game, and I’m willing to wait.

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