The Mitchells, Lola, & Secrets (EastEnders)

This week the Mitchell Family came back strong and proud in Walford! (Thank G*d! Finally respect for one of the original families of Albert Square.) Who better to do it than Ms. Kathy Beale (Gillian Tayforth), the original Mrs. Phil Mitchell.

Yassss!!! Ms. Kathy knew Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) was desperate and drowning, so she called her son back home. Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) returned with a new attitude, the same anger issues, and a mature swagger.

Kate Oates promised that the Mitchell Family would have a major storyline. It’s about time the focus has been placed on the Mitchell family again!

Mr. Ben Mitchell

This “Ben” looks like he had some serious “think time” and made a few decisions. The most important decision is Ben coming in with some POWER. He’s coming in with an interesting “business portfolio” from Spain, cash-on-hand, and a little bit of grudge-anger against Phil.

This isn’t the Ben who would explode at Phil in the past. Naw! This “Ben” has learned and grown since he’s been away. (Therapy does this too, but it’s a Soap, so…) If he wants revenge on Phil, he has to catch him at his weakest point– Phil’s longing for his son to carry on the family name and business. Ben came back with a secret plan to use to his advantage.

He swaggered in, unrolled a wad of cash from his pocket, and covered Phil’s debt to Danny Hardcastle (Paul Usher). And…

BOOM! Ben’s first part of the mission (Shhh! Secret) completed. We still don’t know what Ben is hiding. But whatever it is, I’m hoping it will be explosive! He’s definitely come back to Albert Square with more money than he had once he got to Calais. I’m wondering if Ben was part of the group that bankrupted Phil in Spain.

Ms. Lola Pearce

I didn’t witness Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) during her first tenure on EastEnders. However, I’m now enjoying her return to the show. She is definitely Billy Mitchell’s (Perry Fenwick) granddaughter! She’s had the time away to appreciate what she left.

I loved how Lola handled Adam Bateman (Stephen Rahman-Hughes). Lola knew that Adam was hiding his true personality. In fact, Lola recognized he was controlling. this makes it odd to watch Ben’s controlling behavior when he is dealing with her. What could he have on Lola that would make her come back to Walford and lie to family and friends?

Susan “Honey” Mitchell

Even if Lola recognized Adam isn’t right or “sane,” Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) doesn’t seem to notice. She’s trying too hard to be smarter and better than her human ability. (Sorry, teacher talk…) Honey can only do what her brain capacity will allow. Adam won’t and will not give Honey that leeway. Whereas Billy valued Honey’s “simple approach” as an endearing quality. At some point, Honey will realize that Adam is not the man for her. However, will she go through painful abuse before that happens?

Adam Bateman

Which brings us to Walford’s Angry Dentist. Adam’s need to be in control makes sense. He was raised by the Ahmeds, his foster parents. He may have had other foster parents before the Ahmeds. That would explain Adam’s need to control every situation with Honey. When I watch how he controls what Honey says and the sweets she eats it is excruciating. In fact…

Any man getting in the way of a woman satisfying her sweet tooth, won’t be able to satisfy her in other areas. FULL STOP!


Honey can’t pretend forever, and at some point, Adam’s control could turn physical. It will be interesting to see how their storyline continues.

The Best Part…

Kate Oates promised that the Mitchell Family would have a major storyline. During the past two years, Phil and Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) almost led separate lives. They had their own separate storylines (Phil was constantly leaving) and very little interaction with the whole family. Now, everyone is home and the excitement has begun. It’s about time the focus has been placed on the Mitchell family again!

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